Answer: Because of the advantages over framing!

Some advantage of the Lamination Preservation system -
  • Preserves and protects for a lifetime
  • Alternative to framing
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Modern look
  • Washable
  • No glare

Think about this - what does framing do for you? It allows you to take a favorite picture, poster, or whatever, and put it up on the wall or if it's small, on your desk or bookcase.

Yes, it will accomplish the meager task of being able to put your picture on the wall, on your desk... but there's so much more!

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This is what lamination can do for you. Yes, it will accomplish the meager task of being able to put a picture up on the wall on your desk, but there's much more. First, laminating your photo, child's artwork, degree, diploma, award, poster just looks better than framing. What's real important is not how it looks right when you get it, but how it will look many years down the line. The same. Perhaps you've had this experience - you get your poster framed, and in sometimes less than a year, it starts to show signs of wrinkling inside the frame, under the glass. Lamination prevents this sort of damage, because the laminate is applied in a process that does not allow air between the surface of the material and the laminate. This also means that you don't have to worry about other forms of aging that air in a frame causes. Even more than that, the laminate helps to prevent fading from sunlight which the average frame will not do.

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